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Motor insurers under fire as claims fall but premiums rise

Insurance companies faced a fresh charge of profiteering yesterday after figures showed that motor premiums had soared despite a drop in the number of claims. Drivers have seen policies rise by an average of £110 in the past year, with motorists being quoted an average of £781 for comprehensive cover. The increase has been mainly put down to a government-imposed … Read More

Academic “debunks” claim that UK is whiplash capital of Europe

The claim by insurers that the UK is the “whiplash capital of Europe” is a flimsy one based on unreliable data that has been cherry picked to support “specific reform agendas”, an academic has argued. Ken Oliphant, professor of tort law at Bristol University, said this cast doubt on suggestions that fraudulent or exaggerated whiplash claims are common, raising the … Read More

Consultation Fraud. The real story you need to hear.

We want to bring your attention to government proposals which will if implemented directly affect your right to justice.   The small claims limit is currently £1,000. A claim below that level does not permit recovery of legal costs, and so a solicitor would not be able to represent a person with an injury worth any less. Injuries falling below £1,000 … Read More

Admiral to price car insurance based on Facebook posts

Insurer’s algorithm analyses social media usage to identify safe drivers in unprecedented use of customer data One of the biggest insurance companies in Britain is to use social media to analyse the personalities of car owners and set the price of their insurance. The unprecedented move highlights the start of a new era for how companies use online personal data … Read More

Car insurance premium increases: all for profit?


Insurance premiums are rising even though the cost of claims has fallen, law firm claims. A law firm has accused car insurers of profiteering. Earlier this week, the Association of British Insurers (ABI) released five ways it wants the Government to help cut car insurance premiums. The suggestions include increased training for young drivers, safer cars, a freeze on Insurance … Read More